“To touch the soul of another human being is to walk on holy ground.”

~Stephen R. Covey


Creating a Ripple Effect of Inspiration Through Writing


Tahira Bharmal

I love hearing stories and love re-telling them, especially ones that leave me feeling “wow.”

In 2014, I decided I had a voice. and it was time I used my voice to tell the stories of all the amazing people I encountered in my life. I am a writer by passion and education. When I write, my soul sings, and it gives me the space to express myself! So, I decided to start an online magazine for women, but not limited to - I wanted to create a platform to celebrate all these amazing stories I was hearing. My gratification comes from touching even one soul through that story. So with this in mind, Slick Chick Magazine was born!

It took a lot of courage for me to actually do it. When the idea came into my mind, I knew, exactly who were the first few people I wanted to interview and tell their stories. I did not want it to be a topical story; I wanted to get deep into the stories and ask the hard questions! The ones no one wants to talk about.

Since the birth of the magazine, I have met some amazing women who redefine what it means to be strong. They have faced adversity and given it the finger and walked right past it and made their lives phenomenal. The most inspirational part is that these women are not confined by their age or gender.

I write and share these stories to inspire women mostly, but men too to know their power.

Limitations are a big part of us, and it takes one small move to step out of them and accept how great we are! The biggest obstacle in our personal journeys is ourselves. We need to step out of our own way.

My life-changing moment was when I saw someone very close to me face adversity with unbinding strength. Nasim suffered cancer for 13 years, yet she faced it with grace and unwavering fortitude. Her faith was never once shaken - till her dying day! She embraced her cancer and used it to inspire others and be the best version of herself.

Since my journey with the magazine has begun, I continue to meet women with the same spark of strength, the ones that look at adversity with a big “screw you!” Despite their limitations, some even physical, they step out and thrive! They are the souls that realize we are more than our physical beings - and no matter how small we feel we are, in the grand scheme of things we are an integral part of it all.

My biggest gift to share is about functioning from a space of authenticity!

Through my writing and coaching, I know God is by my side and has given me a purpose of contributing to a higher good. Most times people feel this needs to be done in a big way, but it is in the small steps we take. Our world is not the big world, but really our immediate circles, and making a difference in those circles is what causes the ripple effect of contributing to the higher good. Often when we think of making a difference or change, we think of fame and being on a celebrity platform, but the truth is - we are all celebrities in our OWN worlds.

I like to look at myself as a vessel for love and energy. I am a creation of God filled with love and His divine energy. All I have to do is transport that love and energy to all that come my way. We are so quick to judge people; we need to move away from judgment.

For me, inspiration is all about creating a positive change. If I can touch even one soul with the stories I share, I will feel I am one step closer to creating a change and ripple effect of love, kindness, and generosity.

About Tahira Bharmal:

Tahira was born and raised in Kenya and has lived in the United Arab Emirates, South Africa and Canada. She comes from a diverse background and carries a piece of every place she has resided within her. Tahira follows her heart, believes in taking chances and risking it all for something she truly believes in. Tahira aims to inspire others to live their life authentically through her writing and coaching. “Everything we seek lies within us - all our answers are inside of us, we just need to look deep inside!” At the centre of Tahira’s world is her daughter, Zuri-Nasim, a soul she is blessed to be a mother to!


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