“I am what I am what I am” – Popeye, the sailor man BE: You’re Perfect By Debbie Sholin When I was young, I didn't feel a need to "better" myself. I didn't know there was a concept of "OK" or "Not OK."  At my young age, I would have thought, "My life is simple. I want to have my basic needs met. What else could I want? Was there

When you allow yourself to be unpredictable, you step from the known into the unknown, where anything is possible.   Deepak Chopra. M.D Sometimes Dying is Not Such a Bad Thing After All By Monique Patè Have you ever experience an “unexpected” event in your life? Life is full of unpredictable happenings such winning the lottery, landing the perfect job, getting pregnant (the shocked reaction and question many ask, “how

“To touch the soul of another human being is to walk on holy ground.” ~Stephen R. Covey   Creating a Ripple Effect of Inspiration Through Writing By Tahira Bharmal I love hearing stories and love re-telling them, especially ones that leave me feeling “wow.” In 2014, I decided I had a voice. and it was time I used my voice to tell the stories of all the amazing people I

“...And I love that.” Kyle Cease; comedian, actor and transformational speaker   Frozen in Time... By Danita Banko    The story of my life is not so much unlike anyone else's story. Things have happened in my life that even now as I enter my 59th year of life on planet Earth, I still do not understand.     I have had a wide variety of experiences in my life stemming from choices


Aug 2017

Frozen in Fear

"People have a hard time letting go of their suffering. Out of a fear of the unknown, they prefer suffering that is familiar."       Thich Nhat Hann Frozen in Fear By Anita Stewart, RN Have you ever been so afraid that it was impossible to move forward, to even take one small step? It happened to me when I was facing one of the most significant decisions of

"Empty-handed I entered the world, barefoot I leave it.  My coming, my going, two simple happenings that got entangled." ~ Kozan Ichikyo leave them as trees by bmf Another turning of the years, another chapter in the book        A thousand years and a thousand more and a thousand yet to come Shifting from this place to that, with its history and its dreams Let us put it all aside

“Synchronicity is an ever present reality for those who have eyes to see.” ~Carl Jung The Best Bread Ever! By Farahana Surya Namaskar God has a chess board And He makes all the rules In Divine time and order He will make the moves So don’t waste time Questioning or resenting If things don’t go your way Just believe intentions are manifesting It may not look and feel Like all

“Love is the answer – and it starts with loving your SELF.” Linda Kroll   Compassionate Communication Creates New Beginnings By Linda Kroll The night before I was to be in court to finalize my divorce after a very long separation, I was moved to convert my sadness, hurt and anger into hope for a new beginning. I wrote a prayer. When I arrived at the courtroom, I gave a

“I am not what happened to me, I am what I choose to become.”  Carl Jung Lack of Motivation Showing Up as Resistance To Change By Lillian Martí, Ph. D., Spiritual Scholar When I feel that I do not want to do anything but feel restless—which is contradictory—I know that I am resisting change.   In the past, after I realized something about a behavior or an aspect of my

We can understand love either from the perspective of what it is or what it is not. Love is the uplifting experience of joy, ecstasy, fulfillment, contentment, delight, and abandon. Love is not the painful experience of fear, doubt, suspicion, jealousy, obsession, and attachment. More than anything else, I think the highest expression of true love is trust. Indeed, trust is love's sweetest gift. That is because trust gives rise

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